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We are a recreational and social dance group. Please join us to learn and do folk dances from around the world, enjoy the beautiful melodies and fascinating rhythms of many cultures, and just have fun.

You don't need to bring a partner. Most of the dances are done as a group, and for those where you do need a partner, you can ask anyone. Come alone, with a partner, or bring all your friends!

Please click on About us and Schedule for more information about what we do and how to join in. If you have a specific question or would like someone to contact you, click on Contact.

This video was taken in November, 2009 at the Near Northwest Neighborhood Arts Cafe. We are a recreational group, not a performance troupe, but we do occasionally rustle up a handful of volunteers to demonstrate a few dances to the public, as you see being done here.


Click for crude map.
We dance at St Paul's Memorial United Methodist Church, 1001 W. Colfax Ave, South Bend, Indiana
If you paste the address into Google or Mapquest for directions, you will see our location, but the directions may not be the best. They will put you out at the front door of the church which is NOT where you want to go, and they will send you on a roundabout route due to a one-way street. You want the REAR entrance, not the front. You may find it preferable to paste the following into your mapping software:

W Colfax Ave & Laporte Ave, South Bend, IN

then go north on LaPorte one half block and turn left into the church parking lot. If you are coming from the northwest on LaPorte Avenue, then you will see the church on your right and turn right into the parking lot before you get to the church. The door is off the parking lot on the back side of the building.

St. Paul's is a beautiful, mellow, and charming place to dance, with a nice wooden floor and beautiful architecture, trim, and fixtures to set a lovely mood. We are very pleased to have St. Paul's hosting our group. It may be noted however that we are a civic group, not a church group.